Experience the magic of Azerbaijan’s lakes
Experience the magic of Azerbaijan’s lakes

With the warm summer months coming to an end, what better way to welcome the next season than by witnessing the abundance of maples and beeches as they turn yellow and red, decorating Azerbaijan’s peaceful lakes. These rich colours create a fairy tale atmosphere when reflected in the water – a magical vision that must be seen to be believed.

Ideal for picnics, boating, and treks up the surrounding mountains, treat yourself to scenic breaks at crystal-clear lakes surrounded by dramatic mountains and lush forests. Here are some of the most stunning ones to visit, offering guaranteed relaxation:

Nohur Lake - Gabala

Picturesque and peaceful, Nohur Lake boasts some of the best views of the magnificent Caucasus Mountains. The peaceful atmosphere is the ideal resting place to escape the noise of the city. As one of the most popular and visited natural attractions of Gabala, the lake is hugged by forests and high mountains where visitors can enjoy boat rides, hikes, fishing and serene horse-riding by the water.  On the northern coast of the lake you will find the Gabala Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel, the perfect location for those seeking tranquillity and comfort.

Gabala - 3 hours (208 km) from Baku

Batabat Lake - Nakhchivan

The relaxing combination of mountains, meadows and clear blue waters at Batabat Lake makes it one of the real travel gems of Nakhchivan. The unique feature of this picturesque reservoir is the floating island in the centre. Made entirely from peat and grass, this tiny island is not attached to the bottom of the lake in any way, meaning that it moves slowly throughout the year. 

Shahbuz District, Nakhichivan - 10 hours (782 km) from Baku

Lake Goygol - Goygol

Catch a breath of fresh air while hiking next to this beautiful lake nestled in the Lower Caucasus Mountains. The Goygol district is a short distance from Ganja, a city in the country’s western region. Goygol’s allure has inspired many artists throughout the years to celebrate its beauty through poetry, painting and song. The deep blue lake stretches for almost 3 kilometers and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.  The setting is perfect for scenic hikes and charming picnics.

Goygol National Park, Goygol district - 4 hours away (396 km) from Baku

Chenlibel Lake - Guba

Lake Chanlibel in northern Guba is the perfect family outing. Indulge in a secluded picnic on the beautiful meadow overlooking the lake. If you’re looking to enjoy a quiet day of fishing to put your mind at ease, Lake Chanlibel is the spot for you. This lake is especially beautiful at dawn as the mist above the water reflects the light of the rising sun.

Nugadi village, Guba - 2 hours (170 Km) from Baku

Garanohur Lake - Ismayilli

Hidden away deep in the forest is Garanohur Lake, located at high altitude in the region of Ismayilli. The trek to the lake is exhilarating for hikers with experience and challenging for beginners, but well worth the effort. Once there, a relaxing lunch next to the water is the perfect way to unwind and will allow you to see the lake in all its splendor.

Talistan village, Ismayilli district – 3 hours (177 Km) from Baku