Welcome to Sheki

Sheki is one of the most ancient cities that habituated people more than 2700 years in the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasian Mountains. Majority of architectural buildings that built between 16th -19th centuries were well preserved. For centuries

For centuries Sheki was the center of silkworm breeding and silk production center and located on the silk road. Due to its very soft climate, the soil of this region is very good for different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The city is also very famous for its very rich cuisine and sweets not only among locals but tourists also. You can try a special Soup called “Piti” that cooked 8-9 hours, from night till morning with the significantly small amount of fire. You definitely should try sweets also like Baklava, Tel Halva, Bamiyehs and many more.

Touristic Places to visit in Sheki:

  • Sheki Khans Palace. The Palace itself built in 1762 as a summer residence for the Khan(King) of Sheki. During the construction of the building, no single nails and glues were used. From inside, all the walls of the Palace are full of paintings which each painting has its own physiological meaning. In the garden outside of the palace, you will discover 2 plane trees that both are 500 years old.
  • Caravansarais (ancient hotels). There have 2 caravansarais that are called Upper and Lower Caravansarais both dating back to 18th centuries. Due to the city’s location on the main trade road from the East to the West, Caravansarais were main resting and trading places of merchants who are passing from the city.
  • Albanian Church. In the Kish Village of Sheki, you will visit an Albanian church that dates back to the 1st century AD. People of the North part of Azerbaijan were mainly Christians before Islam.
  • House of Craftsmen a place full of shops with handmade products made by Craftsmen.

Top Experiences in Sheki