Welcome to Gabala

A Region and Name of the center city located in the North part of Azerbaijan along The Greater Caucasian Mountains. 2,500 years ago here was called Kabalaka and was the capital of Caucasian Albania, the country that existed between 2nd century BC and 8th century AD. This city is very famous among the tourist because of its beautiful nature and high mountains.

Touristic places visit in Gabala:

  • Nohur Lake – a Very beautiful lake located in here.
  • Yeddi Gozel Waterfall – One of the most beautiful waterfalls of Azerbaijan
  • Tufandagh Summer & Winter Ski Resort – In the resort, you can try skiing, horse riding, the cable car that takes you from down to the top of the mountain to see the spectacular beauty of the mountain and the city.
  • Gabala Shooting Centre – For lovers of shooting this center is an unreplaceable place. You can try arrow shooting as well as rifle shooting there.

Top Experiences in Gabala